Atlanta. Femme Fatale Tour.

Saturday was spent at the Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola. Apart from these 2 places, I don’t think there are any other interesting places or things to do in Atlanta. We couldn’t head back to Alabama on Sunday because we had a concert to catch! And that’s…

Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale 2011

We had a late check out, maximising our sleeping hours because we had a long night drive back since he had to work the next day. Since there weren’t any more places to explore ( I heard that the CNN tour is not bad, you get to see behind-the-scenes and etc, but I wasn’t interested..), we drove a little further north for Malaysian’s cuisine!

At Penang Atlanta

We had the Penang Char Kway Tiao and Curry Fish Head!! *I MISS SG FOOD!!
The CKT was quite delicious, not exactly the SG type, it wasn’t as chao-ta (burnt/grilled smell in hokkien) but the flavours were there. The Curry Fish Head was a little disappointing. It wasn’t awful eating, it simply didn’t taste like the curry fish head I used to eat. It was a little diluted, a little sweet and not spicy enough.

Since we still had a couple of hours to kill before the concert, we decided to just chill at Starbucks so that he could work/study and I could surf with free wifi. Wow, and time passed really fast.. I simply checked my mail, read a few blogs and time was up!

YAY! So excited! We are going for Britney’s concert!!

By the way, LY is the fan and I was just accompanying him. (Just have to insert this disclaimer.)
And you know what, we purposely sync’ed her latest songs onto our iPods to listen on our drive up to Atlanta! Otherwise, I think I’m still at the “Hit my baby one more time..” and “From the bottom of my broken hearrrrrrttt…”

Check out her concert merchandise:

Guess how much does one t-shirt cost?
$40!! And sad to say, the t-shirts looked like cheap direct reprints onto the shirts which are available on the streets of Bangkok. We tried hard to search for a merchandise that we could buy, but just could not find any.

We headed into the stadium, and were a little stumped to see that it was slightly less than half filled. (hmm, I thought Britney was more popular than that?)

Ahhh. We were TOO early. The show was supposed to start at 7pm, it did, but Britney did not come out till a quarter to 9! I knew it was sort of a combined concert with Nicki Minaj (with B still doing the majority) but it was such a long wait! LY and I weren’t a fan of Nicki and honestly I wasn’t familiar with her songs so I couldn’t quite follow up with her rap performance.

Britney finally turned up with a bang! The crowd was amazing too, our legs were tired from standing THROUGHOUT the concert! I looked around, and the stadium was exploding! It was full, and everyone was cheering and singing to her songs!

A pity that my camera could not capture all the buzz and excitement from the concert!

This is one of my favourite acts of the show! Song was catchy, dance moves reminded me of mass dance/mambo! And that car she rode on was so cute! It looked like a mini cooper!

Following this act, was an interactive segment with the audience. She picked a male from the crowd and performed a lap dance. LY turned and told me, “I wished it was me instead!”


Did she lip-sync? Sing live? I didn’t care, to watch her concert was to see her dance and perform. It sounded great anyway! And she definitely looked good, but I didn’t think she looked superb, not when you compare her now versus her prime. I’m still baffled why does she need to co-perform with Nicki Minaj? Yes, her popularity might have dipped (maybe but quite a bit) over the years, but it couldn’t be so bad that she can’t sell tickets by herself? I think that most of the people still came to the concert for her, take a look at the crowd, it was obvious!

All and all, I really enjoyed the concert! Thanks to some practise along the drive up, I managed to sing-along to some of the songs, of course, “Don’t let me be the last to know” and a short “Baby, one more time” being the most familiar! Don’t laugh at me! If you belong to the age group from 20 to 30, I bet you know the lyrics too!!

It was definitely worth the 4 hours’ drive to Atlanta! Although I was less enthusiastic to be the driver! LY had to work the next day, so naturally I had to take over to drive back. Not only was the journey long, the route was a winding, narrow single-lane (with opposite lane) and when I looked out of the windows and into the mirrors, it was totally pitch-black. Imagine, I had to switch on high-beam for 2 out of 4 hours’ drive!

So.. back to the concert..

My verdict is: Britney still has her charms. *winks. Whether this can last? I quite highly doubt so.


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