WOW! I felt like I haven’t blogged in the longest time!! Since I came back from Alabama and Yellowstone, wooh everyday was packed to the fullest! Gatherings, farewells, arrivals and etc.

A quick summary on the past week..
– Gathering for my birthday!, Wed
– Birthday luncheon for cupcake HP, Thurs
– H & M shopping at North Park!, Thurs
– CM’s visit to Dallas over the weekend!, Fri
– Had a lot of steamboat and BBQ over and over again! Wed, Sat, Sun
– PS3-ing non-stop with JPOP concert at intervals, Wed, Sat, Sun
– M’s return to SG and 1 less kaki for shopping, eating and bitching, Sun
– Tax-free shopping at Allen!, Sun

Waited to upload pictures but I couldn’t find my memory stick adaptor (to convert into a SD card for my lappie to read)! Will pop by Ju’s for dinner and copy her photos!

As for our Yellowstone adventure, we took SO many photos in raw and fine formats. I haven’t even got time to look through and select the nicer photos! Let alone editing them!


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