What I’ll like for Fall. Stunning dresses at very affordable prices. Major loves. These are pieces which I can wear in Singapore as well. Hmmm… Also, I must say, I like their socks/tights very much as well. Happy Shopping! Advertisements

DSLR inserts.

Was shopping for a camera bag weeks ago. Couldn’t find any that I really like. Was choosing between these: Lowepro Passport Sling Camera Bag (Mica) A camera bag that absolutely doesn’t look like one. This is the top factor when I’m choosing a camera bag. It has to be as easy to match (with most … More DSLR inserts.

Autumn is here.

Officially on the 23rd Sept. True indeed, we are experiencing a slight change in temperatures lately. A change for the better. At least for me. Temperatures are cooler, and this calls for more layerings. A slightly happier me.  

Activities for 4?

Running out of things to do on weekends, especially Friday nights. What do you (and partners, and friends, and family) usually do? In Singapore, we (4 of us – my GFs and I) try to make it a point to meet for dinner every Friday. Although we are always cracking on new dining places (doesn’t … More Activities for 4?


I feel like an idiot man. Set the oven temperature to the lowest and left my dough inside for it to rise. Waited a good 2 hours for it to double in size. When it’s all looking good, I pre heated the oven to 400F. Was all smiley and went back to Sims social. As … More Daily.


Spotted a really cool-looking vintage keyboard! Look at all the knobs (instead of the usual boring buttons). かわいい〜〜 Even if I don’t play on it, it’ll look pretty as a display piece in the house.