Brunch uptown.

WOOH! Managed to cheat a brunch outta LY! Just kidding! We had an early Sunday after sending our dearest friends to the airport. Looking for things to do early on Sunday, what’s better than.. maybe a golf game? It’s the Sunday breakfast/brunch! I yelp’ed for a good brunch place and found Bread Winners Cafe and Bakery!

We reached at 0908 and were surprised to see that the place was already quite fulled! There was even a short line to go in! Erm, when the restaurant supposedly opens at 9am! A good indication that the food should be good!

I picked to sit outside because the weather was finally cooler! The insides of restaurant look a lit dark and I prefer to have breakfast in a bright place!

I’ve made him a convert now. Heehee.

Cinnamon & raisins french toast. You can order in small portion – 2 thick slices or large – 3 thick slices! That’s helpful, since we always cannot finish our brunch! LY’s feedback: The toast feels more like cinnamon swirl cake than actual french toast toast. He prefers a more ‘bread-like’ texture.

Egg benedicts. They were quite delicious. The hollandaise sauce wasn’t too strong, so I like it better. At least I managed to finish half of it without any problem!

A helpful passerby actually offered to help us take photo!

Oh I forgot to mention, the service was really good! Our server was super attentive and very friendly and warm towards us! I’m pretty sure we’ll return some day soon! (: @juliechua


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