All over the place.

I was selecting photos and uploading time to print. Then I got bored and decided to start on a new scrapbooking proj – 2009 korea winter holi, even though I’m not done with the current – 2010 june washington dc road trip. I took out all the korea photos and arranged them in chronological order. As I looked through them, I realised I actually really did enjoy the Korea trip! Haha. Never did I expect myself to have fun becos it’s Korea (I’m die-hard Japan fan.) but I still visited. In the past I used to have super packed itinerary, wanting to conquer more places and maximise the time I have in a place. At least for this Korea trip, as I did not have any die-die must-go places (I wasn’t that interested in Korea anyway) and I was super maxed out at work so if I can take a holiday I want it to be a relaxing trip! We were there for 10 days! That was really long! Who goes Korea for more than a week? And I didn’t even visit Jeju Island! Haha. It had a bit of everything – shopping (24-hour shops!), sightseeing (loads of korean drama sites, the palace, the mountains and etc), sports (snowboarding!), shows (we even watched a performance!), eating (you can never get sick of korean food! one of those rare trips where I don’t miss home food!), friends (dearest Js n Ju joined us for half the trip! super awesome! it’s like couple date! loved it! at the same time, we also got to spend some time separate and each got some couple time! oh, we met up with mabel and clarice too!) and did some local stuffs (managed to catch up with my korean friend whom I know from exchange program, and hang out with my tuition kid and mum! we even visited their home and had homecooked korean food!)! It was a truly ‘balanced’ trip!

I’m all over the place – selecting photos moved to scrapbooking moved to blogging, halfway got sleepy and went to make coffee, back to blogging, what’s next?


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