SFO. Day 4.

Finally, I’m back to travel blogging! It’s the incomplete SFO trip I did 6 months back! Totally ashamed of myself! I dug up those photos for print recently and recounted memories to a friend, HP who’s going there soon! So I decided, even if I’m 6 months late, I should complete and archive it away for memory’s sake! So! Here we go:

We began the day taking the DART (SFO train service) into town! It was approx 30mins’ ride from Cousin M house.

And today, we will be meeting up with AM and R! It was such a coincidence that we were visiting SFO at the same time, so of cos a meet-up is a must! So happy to be able to see them and travel together, even if it’s only a day!

Meeting place: Cable car station.

Yippie! And we rode on it.

And we took plenty of photos on the cable car. We took turns to sit and stand on the edge like the locals and in the movies, while the cable car went up and down the hilly slopes in SFO downtown! The views from any part of the city also looked picturesque.

Not forgetting to pose even when the train was stationary.

We then took a stroll down the Fishermen Wharf.

Weather was perfect! Bright, sunny and breezy! We seemed to be wrapped like Ba Zhangs (rice dumplings) but it wasn’t overly-done, the winds were strong and chilly! So, I was totally comfortable with the cold!

We passed by the famous SFO bakery – Boudin! It’s famous for sourdough bread! Look at how pleased LY is in the pictures! He loves bread!!

At Pier 39.

Mini Donuts!
I visited SFO 10 years ago with my mum and auntie, and one of the things I remembered vividly out of that trip was very very very delicious, out-of-the-world freshly-made mini donuts at Fishermen Wharf! Haha, it must have tasted really delicious to 14yo me that of all good food and things in SFO, I remembered that! I searched high and low for donuts at Pier 39 but couldn’t find any but this:

The store surely didn’t look like how I remembered it to be. Even after tasting it, I wasn’t very sure if that was exactly what I have loved back then. They were yummy, but didn’t blow my mind like how it did 10 years ago.

Stopped for a rest before our next stop, Alcatraz!

On board to Alcatraz Island!

Alcatraz Island was one of the most infamous prisons for housing US most notorious criminals. By placing criminals offshore, they must be really really dangerous! Yup, and indeed, I learnt that the Alcatraz Island was used as a federal maximum security prison!
We took a self-guided audio tour around the entire island, taking a peek into the prison of olden days – their cells, the heavily-secured ones for the highly dangerous suspects (their cells were totally dark and closed, no windows, no sunlight, totally no glimpse of any ray of light – it was so grim), their showers, canteen, and hear stories of prison breaks, and more prison breaks. I wouldn’t say the tour was fun, more of, perhaps interesting, after all it’s my first time visiting a prison.

Their outdoor area. Across the waters, that’s SFO. The view is beautiful, at the same time, can you imagine how torturous it must have been for the prisoners, 看到却又去不到 and indeed, many did tried to prison break and swim across these waters.

After we returned back to SFO, we walked down the entire Fishermen Wharf to reach the Ferry Building! Now, it has turned into a marketplace, with cafes and restaurants along the waters, and farmers’ market inside the building. By the time we arrived, it was a tad late (perhaps late afternoon), it wasn’t as bustling as most of them have already closed.

Oh! And I discovered really nice coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee inside the Ferry Building!

We settled for an outdoor spot for oysters and clam chowder!

R looked so happy in the picture! Am I right, AM?

The day didn’t just end here, we decided to go explore Japantown together! R and AM were in town earlier and have done many places already, LY and I still had a couple more days in SFO, so LY and I could do Chinatown and Union Square all that by ourselves. So, Japantown it shall be! We were secretly craving for some hot ramen soup too!

Thank goodness for iPhone google map, we figured the bus route there easily.

Oh, well.. actually MBMJ was our secret agenda. Our – meaning LY and AM too! Not just me! Afte we alighted from our stop, it still took us a good perhaps 20 minutes’ walk to reach? It wasn’t very accessible! And I had my 2nd fall of the day during the walk there. WTH! yah, I fell once in Alcatraz and again! Tsk! My S.M boots weren’t that trustworthy and I’m meaning to change a pair this winter!! Back to the story, the MBMJ store was actually quite big and there were quite a lot of good deals! LY got the lime green long sleeve t-shirt I posted here for $9! And we did get couple iPhone cases, laptop case for his lappie, and he bought himself a bag! Tsk! He was the shopaholic of the day!

We saw Daiso in Japantown too. Cheap thrill, we were super happy and actually bought stuff there! I wished I weren’t flying back to Dallas then I could buy more bulky and fragile household things back! We finally ended the long day at a small ramen shop – totally satisfied my craving for spicy hot soup! Very pleased.

See AM and R back in Dallas! LY and I still have 3 more days in this beautiful place!
Check out Day 2 and Day 3 as well!


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