SFO. Day 5.


We went to check out the Ferry Terminal again, this time round in the morning!

Bread + Coffee.

He’s a major lover of bread, while I.. am in love with coffee. Breakfast naturally becomes our favourite meal of the day.

As much as I adore the Blue Bottle Coffee I discovered previously, I decided to try Peets Coffee, a coffee franchise you can spot like everywhere in SFO. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it better. I’d easily pick Starbucks over it.

… … … … … …

As we strolled down the wharf again,

Sometimes I’m deceived by him to do lame poses.

Saw my favourite flower in bloom.

Guess what does a broom on a ship means?

It is to signify a “clean sweep”, sinking every target she engaged.

We stopped for some seafood delights at the roadside stalls.

… … … … … …

And we climbed the slopes.. up and down.. up and down..

To be honest, it was quite damn tiring!

We stopped and set up the tripod every other bend and slope, the views of the city were just enchanting! With perfect blue sky to match!

And we finally reached where we intended to go! The Lombard Street!

Couldn’t quite tell what’s so special about this street? Look at the road behind us closely! The Lombard Street is known for being one of the most winding roads – having 8 sharp turns on a 40-degree slope. The street zigzags around beautiful flowers and shrubs during spring/summer and offers a nice view of the bay from above.

(Photo from StaySF.com)

I wonder if the people living there find us (aka tourists) irritating! There are tourists taking photos and driving down the street every other minute! Or.. they probably feel smug to stay there!

And here are the opposite views from Lombard Street, where you can view the rest of the city and the bay..

Trying to capture how steep the slopes are!

And cars, please park at 90 degrees and remember to angle your tyres!

… … … … … …

With this photo, you know you are in Chinatown. Who else hangs their clothes on bamboo sticks/hangers/lines on their balconies..

Probably thought you are in China. Is it even allowed to hang one’s country flag higher than the country you are in? I wonder.

真的, 很好吃的蛋挞。

It brought me back to Hong Kong, immediately. Golden Gate Bakery.

It was a short visit to Chinatown, mainly just for the egg tarts. Yah and LY mysteriously lost his gloves there. *upset Perhaps the 扒手 only managed to find gloves in his pockets when we walked around the crowded streets. We then rode a bus back to Union Square and took pictures with the hearts.

… … … … … …

Next up.

Dinner at Sotto Mare. We were yelp’ing for a dinner place near Club Fugazi (to watch Beach Blanket Babylon) and so glad we found Sotto Mare. It truly lived up to its reviews. I can boldly say that it’s one of the best italian food I’ve ever had (not traveled to Italy yet). The seafood is so fresh and they are very generous in their servings! Check out their menu!

Mimosa. Mimosa. Mimosa!


IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD! It was like a bottomless pit of seafood and more seafood! Crabs, prawns, scallops, sotong and etc. I think there was penne in it too! It’s definitely good for 2, but we were greedy and ordered a Fettuccine with Bay Scallops.

THIS WAS EQUALLY GOOD! I’ve not a fan of white sauce pasta, but this blew my mind! It was supposedly LY’s order but I couldn’t stop stealing from his plate! And again, the scallops were so fresh, sweet and had a wonderful texture! Every bite I took had scallops in it! It was the first time that I didn’t have to apportion the ingredients and pasta to make sure I ‘save’ the best for the last!

If I were to return to SFO again, this restaurant is definitely on my list!! Rem to call to make reservations or go before the dinner crowd. There was a long line to get into the restaurant by the time we left, about 730pm.

Club Fugazi is just a road across, less than 5 minutes away. That was very convenient for us! So! What’s Beach Blanket Babylon about? It’s actually sorta a musical spoof with extravagant costumes and outrageously huge hats! It enacts hilarious parodies of current affairs, poke fun of politicians/celebrities and etc. Unfortunately, I was unable to share photos, as phototaking is usually prohibited in such live performances.

These photos are from their website. And this is what I meant by outrageously huge!

Both of us enjoyed the show, despite I didn’t quite catch (understand) the politics jokes in full. However in terms of the ‘wow’ factor, the hats and costumes were definitely a big WOW. That’s the largest (wearable) hat I’ve ever seen!

… … … … … …

A long and tiring day ended with a BART ride back to M’s house. Captured this because it reminded me of SG.

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