Online shopping.

Has increasingly become a necessity, especially in the US. Free shipping, free returns. Absolutely nothing’s stopping you from buying!

What are my favourite online shopping sites then?

Amazon – even sweeter with Prime. arrives promptly at your doorstep in 2 days. major love. You can find almost everything on Amazon, and I’ve bought the most random things on Amazon, from tea bags to gloves. I’m sorry, eBay. You are no longer my favourite. The wait is too long, as compared to 2-day shopping.

ASOS – free shipping with no minimum. another happy deal. I can order as small an item like a ring or stocking, instead or choking up my cart just to get enough for free shipping! *Right now, enter HAPPYLFW and get 20% off regular-priced items! Woohoo! With that, I just bought more stuff!

Been eyeing that top since it hit the clearance section but haven’t got a chance to buy because they are always OOS! And adding the heart suspender tights to my winter wardrobe! Yay! I just hope my legs are long enough and I won’t have to wear super mini skirt in order to see the hearts!

Urban Outfitters – used to be a pain because the minimum for free shipping is $150. They have recently adjusted it down to $50! Yippie! I foresee more shopping on that site now..

Anthropologie – really like their stuffs, but their price points are a tad too high for me. Going in-store for sale seems like a better idea for me. The next time I see that their colored bowls are going for $2, I’m going to make sure I buy 10 of them! Oh, and enjoy free shipping till end Sept! Rem to check out their current coupon codes and discounts!

Sephora – I’ve the tendency to think that their online items are priced lower than in store. Perhaps some of those items are online exclusives, and sometimes there are online coupon codes and discounts. Love reading the reviews on the products to make an informed choice on which to buy, and of course their free samples when you check out!

Kate Spade – especially during their clearance and sample sale! pop in every now and then, and you may find some really good deals!

Other popular sites include Gilt, Bluefly and etc, which I frequent a lot but probably bought only once.
Is Snapfish counted as shopping? Haha, I’ve recently sent photos for prints and after discount and doing the math, it’s really cheap! 4c/photo! Tsk! Sign up for their mailing list to get the latest updates on their deals!

Which online shopping sites are your absolute loves?


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