I feel like an idiot man. Set the oven temperature to the lowest and left my dough inside for it to rise. Waited a good 2 hours for it to double in size. When it’s all looking good, I pre heated the oven to 400F. Was all smiley and went back to Sims social. As I built my house, I smelled sth burnt. Rushed to my kitchen and realized I left the dough (in a plastic mixing bowl) in the oven as the oven was pre-heating. Stupidness beyond my comprehension. TMD moment. The entire bowl was distorted, twisted beyond recognition. The bottom of the bowl was melting and dripping through the wire rack. Oh my. I tried to move it with my oven mittens but dare not pull too hard, in fear the plastic melts further and god knows what happened. I waited it to cool for a while, and that was the worst decision made. The plastic quite immediately hardened up and sealed around the wire rack. Perfect, I felt like strangling myself. I turned it upside down and suspended it on my sink. I tried to whack it hard, nothing happened. I tried to saw it with a knife, couldn’t cut through. I heated the parts that stuck to the rack with a lighter, it burnt it, instead of melting and softening it. Last resort, put in back to the oven and ‘bake’ it again. I stood outside the oven and monitored the progress. Mustn’t let it over melted. Finally. After heating it for 10 minutes over 200F, I was able to break the bowl free from the rack. What a terrible disaster!

*forgot to add. In the midst of above chaos, I scalded myself while fixing the mess. How smart.

And I’m amused that it looks like Nike signature tick. Argh. TMD.


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