Activities for 4?

Running out of things to do on weekends, especially Friday nights. What do you (and partners, and friends, and family) usually do?

In Singapore, we (4 of us – my GFs and I) try to make it a point to meet for dinner every Friday. Although we are always cracking on new dining places (doesn’t help that the whole SG population is in town areas, and restaurants always have super long queues), I’m very glad that we keep up with this tradition and are able to update each one with our lives. Not much of an update if we see each other weekly, sometimes even more! However, we will never run out of topics to say, gossip and complain! Of course, it’s always nice and comforting to end a week long work pigging/drinking out with besties!

Now over here, it is still 4 of us but a different 4 – LY and me, JS and Ju, meet up almost everyday. A little excessive but absolutely necessary. Actually, I’m glad that we have them here, otherwise can you imagine, the boredom quotient will be a 100x more! Even in a group of 4, we are running out of things to do, places to go, ideas on what to eat and etc. There are always 2 decision-making points on Fridays: what to eat for dinner and what to do after dinner. What to eat, usually it’s Asian food. We will frequent the same few places because there are just that few good Asian food places around. What to do after dinner, this is a huge headache. In SG, we watch movies. Over here, we watch movies too. However the problem is there are no good shows to watch now. Next, ktv? It’s expensive here and really outdated system and songs. Mahjong? Surely can’t do this weekly right. What else are there to do?

So, what do you usually do with your friends/family on weekend? I think I need to find more interesting places and things to do around this area for the coming weeks!

Have a good and restful weekend ahead!


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