Blogging using wordpress app.

Had to use this app because my Internet is still down. 3G totally saved my life. Yah, this is how reliant I am on connectivity.

Had a hair cut today but it wasn’t a wow, neither did it look vastly different from before so I didn’t take a picture right away. I still prefer hair cuts in Singapore, where the stylists can achieve more jap-ish short or mid length hairstyles. Over here, they style it really neat and straight cut? Less layerings and really emphasize on volumizing. I have really set my mind on letting the hair grow long! So only trimmings from now on! I’m not going to let LY talk me into cutting short again!

Just more random scribbles:
Watched “I dunno how she did it” on Tues with the girls. ALL girls movie date out! I can’t believe we only did it now, after a good one year here! Haha. We should arrange more girls outings from now on! Apart from just grocery shopping, coffee and f21.

Caught New Girl on fox at Ju’s house that day! Zooey is my new crush now! I like how she’d randomly and unexpectedly sing in the show. Love her eyes and hair! Gonna aim to keep my hair long to look like hers. Haha! Cos I can’t achieve the eyes part. Haha!

Alrighty, good night world! Tomorrow is a better day! Just because it’s a Friday! Wooh! Hope Internet will be fixed soon!


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