Japan Fall Festival. Dallas. 2011.

Always excited to have places to go on weekends.. and this week, we were off to Japan Fall Festival! The Japanese population in Dallas is really small, there ain’t many restaurants, cafes and shops. Hence, I’m very surprised that there is even such an event! And of course, I assume all the Japanese in Dallas have turned up for this festival.

LY was at the festival last year and he said it was more crowded this year. There were queues everywhere to buy food/play games. The weather was.. unfortunately hot. I was dressed in a black maxi dress with my favourite scarf and was sweating under the sun, queueing for takopachi.


Shop Minoya is probably the one and only Japanese mart in Dallas. It’s located at: 3115 W Parker Rd
Plano, TX 75023

Don’t bear high expectations because it is really a small mart, carrying basic household groceries and stuff. They have a booth here today, where we stock up our favourite snacks.



Oden. I’m not a fan of fishcake/fish balls and etc but I love oden, esp the konnyaku in it. It has a jelly-like/gelatin texture. Too bad it wasn’t winter yet, it ‘d be super shiok to eat this japanese stew in the cold!

We also had the okonomiyaki, but forgotten to take pictures. It wasn’t near any that we had in Osaka, but well.. we are in Dallas so this is as best it can get.

There were japanese traditional performances as well like kendo, aikido, taiko and etc.


Not-so-synced traditional dance.

Game booths and kids in yukata everywhere.



Scooping fishes.

Fishing balloons.

Aww. All of a sudden, I miss Japan and everything there. @LY, can we visit Japan soon?

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