Scrapbooking I.

Back in SG, I have accompanied Qi to Made with Love in Plaza Sing, Ju to PaperMarket before.. bought a few things but never really started scrapbooking. I remembered buying an album before (I look at the price tag on the album, it’s SGD75. I think I have a little discount when I bought, but still it’s so expensive. I must be crazy to buy it!). Qi is really the scrapbooking person, having bought so many tools and introducing/teaching us how to scrapbook. I awed at the complete art pieces, but cannot imagine myself spending so much money and effort on it. I was totally unmotivated.

Now in US, the tools and art supplies are easily accessible and are a quarter of the prices in SG. I also get a lot of free time here, so this makes scrapbooking sounds a lot more lucrative. I started frequent Hobby Lobby and Michaels, and discovered the world of scrapbooking. I think I enjoyed buying them more than the actual act of doing it. So, I buy and buy and buy and finally got down to doing it when I visited Alabama, where it was absolute boredom over there. Initially, I got restless easily and took soooooo long just to do the layout, to a point that it was frustrating! I totally couldn’t imagine how to finish scrapbooking all my travel adventure.

However, after seeing the complete pages, there’s a sense of achievement. I’ll also tend to flip over the same pages over and over again, admiring the photos and reliving the memories of the trip. I guess, that’s what makes scrapbooking worthwhile.

I’m still an amateur in scrapbooking, picking up new tools and excited to learn new techniques every now and then. Here, I’ll like to share my favourite tools at the moment. Please also comment if you have any scrapbooking-related stuff to share!

Left to right: Sizzix Die-cut & Embossing machine – I’m using the BigKick here, have compared that with the famous Big Shot and they have the same functions. Bought the Big Kick in the end because I like blue over pink, but they are the same,
Quickutz font die-cuts bought from Amazon,
Sizzix Font (First Steps) die-cut borrowed from Ju,
Cuttlebug Love die-cuts and emboss folder (it’s small hearts all over), and
Quickutz Journaling shapes embossing folders.

The Sizzix machine is pretty cool, and it takes all different brands of die-cuts and embossing folders! Overall, I prefer using die-cuts more than embossing folders. I have another 4-5 embossing folders but seldom use them, so it’s quite a waste of money.


This adhesive mat stack is the solution to sticking die-cut fonts to your pages! No more messiness and glue on fingers! Initially, I was really hesitant on using the die-cut machine because it is very untidy and time-consuming to stick the tiny die-cut on pages.. till I discover this adhesive paper! Just peel and stick!


I love stamping! It’s easy and always look good on pages! These are my favourite clear stamps.
Left to right:
1) Ink pads (I only bought the standard colours like black, silver, blue and red so far.),
2) Clear stamps.
– Travel-related clear stamps which are very useful! The lines on the stamps allow me to write notes with regards to the photo.
– Border clear stamps
– Road-trip related clear stamps and
– Alphabets! This is borrowed from Ju, I love this font to bits and kept using it!
3) Distress Ink and smudging tool to brown and add an aged look to papers
4) Clear block which you use to stick your clear stamps on. There are grid lines on the block which help you to position your picture before you stamp.
5) Adhesives. I love the running tape (just like our liquid paper, just that it dispenses double-sided tape. I use it on paper, fabric, photos and it works well. Foam adhesive squares allow me to create my own ‘pop-up’/3D stickers.

This is how I use my foam adhesive squares. I painstakingly cut and stick the on the tiny fonts. Maybe next time I should buy the whole roll of foam adhesive (instead of pre-cut squares).

I did this page 2 days ago.
It looks simple here, but I spent a lot of time die-cutting alphabets, sticking the foam stickers, and embossing the striped paper below and the brown strip on the right. Tedious!

I didn’t quite display how I use them in these pages, maybe I shall do it in next scrapbooking II post.

Maybe this page counts.
I used brads on the 4 photos on the right and the blue flowers on the left. The die-cut alphabets are from Ju’s Sizzix fonts. I used the border clear stamps as well (in black).

I love buying ribbons, and I’ll try to use them as much as possible in my pages.
Red and white ribbon used to tie the brown paper to page. I had to pierce the page with needle and thread the ribbon in and out, tying a knot at the end. It was super troublesome as my needle is thin and I was afraid I would tear the paper because I was using the thin needle to force a bigger hole for my ribbon. Wonder how I can make this process easily.. should I get a eyelet toolbox? Does it help to punch small holes?

In this page, I browned the paper using the Distress Ink, wrote in golden market, stamped the dotted lines on the right for me to write notes. The alphabets (Freedom Trail) was made using Ju’s Sizzix fonts and (Boston) was stamped on. The striped strip on the left was embossed as well, but it wasn’t that clear on this picture.

Of course, not all pages require so much effort. There are times where I got lazy and just stick photos and stickers.
Using pretty stickers (3D, glitter and etc) help a lot in scrapbooking. It saves you time in decorating and using excessive tools to create the same thing.

Not only stickers, pretty paper makes a lot of difference as well! There are so many different stacks out there that I’m always spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing what I want! I love the textured kind, glossy paper, with glitter and etc. The papers I used in the pages displayed here are quite general-looking paper. I did buy some themed paper, hopefully I get to do them up fast so I can share it here.

Last but not least, a paper cutter and good scissors are a must in scrapbooking!

Hope I can come back with more interesting discoveries in scrapbooking! And here’s what I just completed today.

Enjoy your weekend,


Columbus Day Sale!

One thought on “Scrapbooking I.

  1. There’s this tool to poke holes in paper! Like a pen..mine has 4 tips, for rub-ons, poke hole, small pen knife and I-don’t-remember-what..super useful for brads which I use often!

    And it’s easier to plan layouts before doing..I sketch them out and pictures in different sizes..

    And yes, I seem to buy more than I do..

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