1st year anniversary.

After many posts of Project RD, finally! here’s a regular post:

So! LY and I celebrated our anniversary at the Abacus. The meal was pretty amazing, albeit fares being a little steep.

We had the famous small plates – Lobster Shooters,
Lobster meat wrapped up wanton-like style, with red curry-coconut sake creamy sauce over it.

– Bacon n Eggs,
This has a bigger ‘wow’ factor than the lobster shooters. It totally works for me. The bacon you see on the right, it has a bacon like taste, but the texture is more of a chinese-style roast pork – 三辰肉, the fats melt in your mouth kind, it was very delicious. The sauce that goes with it has more of an Texan southern BBQ flair. On the left, that’s a scrambled duck egg with black truffle. The eggs don’t have a strong taste profile, it is very creamy and smooth, and hit it off well with the fatty pork.

– The bread n butter.
LY, as a bread lover of course he finished all 5 types of bread they serve. They were good by the way.

Big plates – Ribeye for LY,
According to LY, the dish was good. It was done in an Asian style with western ingredients but the fusion wasn’t confusing, it actually went well together.

– Duo of Pork for Jo
Oven roasted belly was good, tasted similar to the Bacon n Eggs. The grilled loin was very moist and juicy, the texture was chewy, it doesn’t even taste like pork. They paired the loin with a unique sauce – Fuji apple-vanilla puree and it went very well. The original dish comes with White Cheddar Polenta as a side, but I requested to change that as I do not take cheese. They made me potatoes with bacon in caramelized apple sauce, which was yummy!

I was surprised to find my pork (especially the ribs) slightly undercooked. As you can see, it’s a little pink in the middle. Growing up, I was always told that pork has to be thoroughly cooked for consumption, but I must say, a just nicely cooked/slightly undercooked pork tastes great! It’s juicier and chewier. You just have to make sure it’s not too undercooked, meaning the juices coming out of the meat have to be clear, not bloody.

Of course, we had to take a pic together! Luckily, our server has steady hands.

It was a great night out, LY! Boyyy, how long have I not gone on a date! Hee, I was glad that we made the effort to celebrate and of course dress up for the night!

Thanks to Chye: blu-sunflower.blogspot.com for the dress! I love vintage dresses, and was excited to try this on!


And vain pox LY was wearing his latest addition to the wardrobe – Zara casual blazer with his French connection tee and levi’s skinny jeans. Sorry, I forgot to take your outfit.


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