Mobile uploads 121111


This is quite a cheeky way to bring in the holiday ambience for employees, don’t ya think?


Coming soon.


Loving my new Zara coat. And LY didn’t do it justice with this pic.

… …


Am feeling sick, down with fever and a really bad throat for a few days. Thankful for a long weekend, LY is around to take care of me. Wow, he made me porridge yesterday with my directions (was too sick to remember to take a picture). Thank you! Still went ahead with golf and it took me like 15 holes to warm up?!? I only played decent for the last few holes. Oh well. So I came back feeling more sick. Had tim sum this afternoon, reckon that’s probably something ‘healthier’ around here, shopped around North Park and to-go our dinner from I Luv Pho. That’s my weekend, how about you? Did you have a good one?


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