Project Remembering Dallas – 10 days’ worth.

11 days’ worth.

hello, im back.

21st Nov
Spotted a hard top convertible pick up truck. I never knew they existed, like why would you want to own one? Hmm, I’m not a car person, so I don’t fully comprehend guys and cars.

22nd Nov
Thanksgiving dinner at my place. I baked a turkey, the ladies made more food, we ate, drank, they played some music, some video games, and of course, we shopped till Friday.

23rd Nov
In fact, LY and I were so suay. He lost his car keys, we were stranded, JS and Ju came to help, we called a locksmith, broke into the car, car was saved, his wallet was suffered. The day was crazy, and of course taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.

Picture is totally unrelated to the above. Here’s one that was taken a few days before thanksgiving.
The birds perch high up on the power lines. All the time. They ain’t afraid of it. In fact, they love it. I see them there everyday. I wonder what they are thinking but I like to think that they are enjoying the sunset view. Those few power lines on MacArthur before turning into I635 seems to be their favourite.

24th Nov
I love the new McBites, they are like popcorn chicken! But I love their packaging innovation even more. Chk out this cool holder for dips when you open up the McBites. Just perforated lines on the underside of the lids, fold them out and insert the sauces. Wooh, perfect! One more free hand to grab that soda! I can only think of the movie theatres as the best chance to utilise this packaging.

25th Nov
Mini palm size pineapple. So cute.

26th Nov
Took this picture over the last weekend when shopping with LY. Jeans is really an American thing.
Chk it out. I was queueing to pay up at the cashier. There was a long queue so I was bored. I started to look around and I noticed that all 16 people in front of me are wearing jeans. Dark, blue, light, all tones of denim, all there. I looked down and a-ha, I’m one of them too!

27th Nov
Photo credits: Ju
Total damage. We filled our 7-seater to the brim. The shopping limit is how much boot/car space we got, not our wallets. That’s pretty gross and scary.

28th Nov
Am still very pleased with my purchase.

29th Nov
As much as I like them, I had to say.. no.
Photo credits: HP
Thanks for capturing this, if I miss those shoes, I’ll make do with this picture.

30th Nov
Sinful but absolutely necessary.


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