There’s like a thousand things on my to-do, to-meet, to-pack and etc list.
Just came back fr the airport, and I was there again for the KL trip. Back from KL, and I’m gonna set off soon. Wooh. Maximising my home trip to the every bit.
Been to the doc twice. Likely that I caught the virus on the torturous 20+ hour flt to SG. Hope I haven’t passed that off to many passengers.
Haven’t met up with as many people as I’d like to. Wished to meetup with the girls soon again! I have only seen them ONCE.
Haven’t got enough of SG food. I’ve been having porridge for the past 2 days. Luckily I love porridge so I shan’t complain. But I want my favourite food – carrot cake!! more of that please.
I need to find time to at least go to bedok 85 to satisfy my cravings. and saffron for prata. and taste paradise for tim sum. and .. and ..
Chinatown! I wanna go and see the CNY lightings and deco! Buy my ‘rou gan’ and other CNY delicacies, not forgetting to visit my favourite chinese dessert store.

My head is spinning, time to zzz. the little yellow pill is really effective man. i finally feel better. shall go to bed and hope that i recover before the TW trip!

later people.


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