Couldn’t be any more touristy than this.

Finally visited Marina Bay Sands. On my last day in SG. That’s the one new update to SG which I’ve yet to see. The last time I was there, the Helix bridge was still under renovations, everything was half completed. As for LY, it is all brand new to him! So! 不管怎么样, we die die also have to visit before we go back to the States.

Ok, I forced him into taking these pictures.

And he made me repay with one.

We were at Sands, watching Wicked! Fancy catching it in SG instead of US, oh well. We love the plot, orchestra, stage but felt that the singing lacked. @conneo, you are right, maybe the performing group at night is better!

[maxi dress from f21, shoes and bag from taipei night market]


And Happy Birthday to our dearest Qi~

Sorry that it has to be such an early and short celebration. I wished I could spend more time with your lovelys. Oh.. well.. in June then! (:

Have a good one on the 23rd! with all the chinese in the world celebrating for you too! (:



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