Never been so efficient. Here’s today breakfast menu.

The Main Street Bakery.
Ju introduced this bakery to us when we were finding a place for Jo’s farewell lunch! It’s located in the Historic Downtown of Grapevine. I’m delighted to see the varieties of freshly-baked breads and cakes there! Wooh! The ambience is good, I like the cosy-ness of the bakery. The only down side is, it is a tad dim in the inside half of the bakery. I like to eat my breakfast in the bright, with loads of sunlight!

And I’m back today with LY for more!

After sending Jo off in the airport, I decide to bring LY to try the breakfast menu! He’s a great fan of breads so I’m sure he will like it there. It’s pretty near the airport (say 7mins!) and near to the Grapevine Golf Course (LY has a afternoon game later), so that’s perfect!!


The weather is finally turning colder! Hooray (or not)?! It definitely feels more like winter, but I don’t like it too cold. Please stay this way. (:

Have a enjoyable weekend ahead, all!


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