been wanting to showcase all my barangs and good deals I’ve found it the states so.. here you go! jojothriftshop i’ve price-tagged the items, so if you are interested, drop me a comment or email! or if you have a particular brand or item that you are interested in, let me know and see if … More jojothriftshop

back to food.

haven’t been blogging lately, especially in the food category. tried out 2 dishes this morning and decided to snap some photos along the way. i don’t know how other bloggers done it but it was so troublesome swapping the turner and camera, having to wash and pat dry my hands along the way, without burning … More back to food.

Tea & Cakes.

Cakes from Panini Bakery. Best strawberry creme cake I’ve tasted so far in Dallas, but still. no where near Patissier’s and Rive’s. We tried the strawberry creme, white chocolate raspberry and dark chocolate. Verdict: The dark chocolate was the best-tasting out of the 3! Bubble Tea from FatStraws. It was, but the place has … More Tea & Cakes.

Current fav.

Adding Atlantic-Pacific to my daily read on the right hand side panel. My current fav fashion blogger. Am so in love with her style. Wooh. Have a great weekend people! Winter is almost over! Time to get out there and burn all the fats stored over the winter! O:

Autumn leaves.

Had a photo shoot back in November to capture the spirit of autumn. Red foliage were seen everywhere, it was beautiful. The tree outside my apartment was painted orange and red in colour, and now it had gone all bald. What amazing change in season! Something that we’d never experience in Singapore. We took tonnes … More Autumn leaves.