Happy Belated Birthday Ju!

To my dearest sis Ju, Happy belated Birthday!! I’m guilty for not celebrating it earlier, first I was away, came back sick, then CNY, you were sick.. no excuses, we still have to celebrate! Hope you like your gift from us!! We love you! And I can’t wait for the the Js’ next reunion!


We were at Henk’s European Deli Black Forest Bakery. Decided to come and check out the cakes.. well Black Forest Bakery, it should at least serve good black forest cake right? Turned out, the german sausages were better than its desserts!

DSC_2654 copy

Hmm the strawberry creme cake was so-so.. sponge cake was dry and creme was too sweet. I think we hold pretty high expectations for strawberry cakes! We came to a conclusion that American cafes/bakeries are only good in cupcakes and cheesecakes!

Next up, we drove up to The Pearl Cup for coffee! As you know, I’m a huge fan of coffee so I was really excited after hearing that this place serves great coffee!

Our one and only group pic of that day! Too bad, it’s blur.


Wooh!! That place was so crowded in the late afternoon 4pm! Everyone was geared with their lappies and doing their personal work there! I must jio LY to go there with me one day!!

After luncheon, cakes and cofffee, wooh our stomachs were filled to the brim! We headed to Galleria to shop Steve Madden and Zara! Zara was having huge sales!! 害得我们不只肚子不能消化,皮包也 ahem 不能消化 ouch.

Here’s the outfit of the day. I got vain and self took the picture with a new remote that JS bought for us.
Dress/Express, Bag/MBMJ, Booties/Aldo


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