happy valentine’s day.

is it overrated?

we saw this ballon with “VDAY IS OVERRATED.” printed on it. haha, is it true?

woman: you don’t have to get me anything for valentine’s day. really.
man: ok. so do you.
what women really mean: i’m reminding you it’s valentine’s day.
what men really mean: i’d rather not receive anything so i don’t have to give anything back in return.

i woke up to a flood of vday newsfeed on fb, twitter and etc, even myself is guilty of it. valentine’s day might be overrated, but nevertheless it’s a day to remind ourselves to express our love towards our loved ones. have you done your part?

thanks LY for the tulips, (er? purple? he claimed that it was hard to find tulips because everywhere was selling roses.) and the pancakes this morning. I read out the ingredients and portions to him while he whisked up the mixture and cooked the pancakes on the griddle. The pancakes turned out to be of an even brown colour! We don’t even own pancake mould, he managed to make the pancakes look rounder than usual! Not bad, LY!



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