2012. Los Angeles. Part II

Santa Monica.

That’s Cirque du soleil tentage.

And that’s the Santa Monica boardwalk.

Famous Route 66. However the sign is not a real proper road sign! Bleah.

The boardwalk is pretty lame. There isn’t much to do; more like a huge tourist trap.

We took pictures of the beach line and left for Third Street Promenade.

Third Street Promenade. The street was bustling with loads of tourists, street performances and rows of shopping. Wooh! Weather was breezy and sunny, which made me very happy!
This guy is really good with his vocals and guitar! We bought his disc to support street performances and hope he can continue to promote his music around! We tried out the disc in our car, and oh no. haha a total of 8 spanish songs! It became quite an entertainment for our roadtrip because at the end of a week, we were able to anyhow sing to the spanish lyrics. We used a mish-mash of English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Japanese.

Under Mitch’s recommendation, we yelp’ed and walked to the famous Umami Burger. There was such a long queue outside, we were told that the wait was at least 30 minutes! We decided to order to-go and was told that there is free seating on the other side, with no service. Tip: If you do not wish to wait, order to-go and go next door patio seating.

As I do not take beef, LY savoured the entire burger on his own. I had the fries though, not too bad!

That’s my favourite shot of LY for this entire trip! Everytime I look at this picture, I LOL. Look at his hair on the side, waha!

We then drove to the famous Rodeo Drive, at the Beverly’s. Really atar place with endless rows of high-end boutiques. I was salivating inside the car, looking enviously at the gorgeous display windows. We didn’t stop to shop, definitely couldn’t afford the items there. We drove out to check out MBMJ and LY, quite a fan, bought some stuff.

Next destination: famous Hollywood sign!
We followed the instructions here and it led us up to this.
Nightview of LA.

So many places in a day! We were quite tired by evening. We checked in our hotel which was located at sunset blvd, freshened up and checked out the walk of fame, the grauman’s chinese theater and etc.
Ahh. It was quite boring.

We hung out along the stretch for a bit before heading to KoreanTown to meet Ju and JS for dinner! Wooh! So excited to see them outside Dallas, haha! Was recommended to go Road to Seoul by my cousin and guess what, the restaurant still had a looong wait at 9pm! It was crazily long. I was there earlier and had a total wait of almost an hour just to get a table, even at late dinner! We dived right into the food and gobbled up everything non-stop till the store closed. It was so rare that I didn’t even stop to take a picture, so Ju, I need to kop photos from you.

So, if I were to sum up LA in a few phrases, I’d probably be:
coffee bean
long restaurant waits
riches and gorgeous


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