Day out with the girls.

Shopping + Tea at Grand Lux Cafe. 1. Summer wear. It’s freaking hot today. 2. Calamari Platter. Deep fried goodness all in a plate. 3. Pineapple upside down cake, with vanilla icecream. 4. Warm sticky bun bread pudding. 5. Strawberry shortcake reinvented. 6. The girls. 7. Grand Lux Cafe at Galleria. Shopping-wise.. Blazer: Checked. Mint … More Day out with the girls.

Pan Fried Salmon.

A weekly dish too. Salmon is really good for you, so yup, we try to eat it often! You should too! 1. Clean the fillet. Marinate with 1/2 tbs of soya sauce on each side. Sprinkle salt evenly above. Coat with corn starch, approx 1/2 tbs on each side. Do one side 1st, rub the … More Pan Fried Salmon.


I love getting haircuts. And I like to look different after every haircut. I get sick of my hair style easily. Probably this is why I can never grow my hair really long. Once my hair reaches past shoulders/able to tie into a decent pony tail, that’s my cap. I’ll have very strong urge to … More Hair-cut.

Weekend Update.

On Friday night, we decided to go on a date and hit the downtown for dinner. I picked a French restaurant (romantic, huh) called Toulouse CafĂ© and Bar, a place which I kept wanting to go for breakfast. The dinner was very average, despite the good reviews on yelp. It was disappointing, though their desserts … More Weekend Update.