2012. Los Angeles. Part III. Day 2; at brunch.


Yelp’ed and found Bottega Louie, located in the heart of LA downtown. Well, it was the weekend, so I was hoping that the place won’t be crowded (it’s downtown you see.) Ok, I was wrong, the place was still very crowded, we were very lucky and got seated before the crowd came. There was a long wait when we were leaving! I have this feeling that most diners are tourists, probably like me, yelp’ed and found the place. ANYWAY, the food was awesome! Check out the weekend brunch menu here! How boring I am, always using ‘awesome’ to describe the food, but seriously those are the best-tasting portobello mushrooms I have ever tasted! The mushrooms are sliced up, to ‘look’ like the usual french fries and deep fry to a perfect golden brown, very delicious crust. It is super juicy when you bite in, and almost heavenly when pair up with the sauce that comes along. That was the HIGHLIGHT for me.

The desserts weren’t disappointing too, given that they showcase such huge varieties of macaroons right at the store front and dedicated such big area for bakery/desserts. We ordered light, just pizza and the mushrooms to share, so that I can save space for desserts!





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