Farm (almost zoo) experience.

JS/Ju brought me and HP along to fetch Minnie (Ju’s dog) from the breeder today. The breeders, B and S were so kind to offer to help take care of Minnie when JS and Ju went holiday last 2 weeks.

It was a long drive to where they were living. That area is definitely not as ‘happening’ as MacArthur area, nope, no shops, diners and etc. ok I saw ONE McDonalds, but you get it. It is ‘ulu’ but you get huge plots of land and pastures for animals!

We arrived, and S’s reaction was, “wow, you brought a family!” hee. yup, we were there to experience what a countryside farm is like. I have never really been to a farm, so it is nice to see what it is like, especially in the US. I’ve always watched discovery channels and intrigued with these kind of countryside living, so it felt really cool to be able to experience something like this!

B and S are such warm people, very genuine and friendly to us. They showed us all their babies, and their collection.. wooh! they have soooooo many different animals, that it’s becoming a mini zoo! We chatted the entire afternoon, S was telling us about these animals, their origins, characteristics, behaviors and etc.

We were greeted by..
They own many breeds, such as Sheltie, German Shepherd and Maltese.

Hey look. This is Minnie’s mummy on the right!

And that’s Minnie’s grandpapa! A huge and furry Sheltie, which looks like a bear to me! (:

Another Sheltie, who is locked together with Minnie’s mummy but not her papa, oops. Male Shelties look slightly different from the females, they are larger and have bigger hair which makes them look cuter.

And that’s Clifford, their guard dog. Any idea what breed this is? It’s a huge dog! Really tall, stands up close to my waist!

That’s JS trying to feed the dog.. I think he’s mouthing “去!” eh, I think Clifford doesn’t understand that command.

One big, one small. 一大一小。

And Tata loves to dance (stand and turn in circles, just like Cola’s 招牌动作!) Cola is our friend (AM)’s dog!

Cute hor.



我看不见你, 我看不见你。This dog makes me lol. Can she even see? Hee.


Now introducing some other animals on their land..

Very random.. They have peacock!

Some ducks, which Minnie likes to chase after.

And geese? Btw, they are the noisiest bunch out there! I heard there used to be 3 of them, 1 got eaten up by a passing by coyote ): so now the other 2 are watched over and kept in the cage.

What?!? And donkeys too!

B was so nice to bring out the horses to show us, and even let us ride on it!

JS went first.

Then, I tried on it too! So exciting! It is my first time riding on a horse! I rode on a small pony in the SG zoo when I was really little. Apart from that, I have never came close to riding any animals. It was a tad scary when the horse started moving! There was no saddle on it, so I was told to grip the horse’s fur on its back tightly. I’m sorry horsey if it hurts you! I was told to ‘kiap’ my knees tight (keep my knees close and tight to the horse’s sides) for more stability.

That concludes our little field trip out to Paradise (that area is really called Paradise!). They still have cows, chickens and other animals down at other pastures. We went indoor (their house) and S even showed us a sugarglider! It’s a squirrel-like creature which climbs tree and will open up its arms to form a triangular shape when gliding. Very random again, they have so many different types of living forms on their land! Before we left, they were so nice to give us a tray of eggs! Not ordinary eggs but fresh, farm eggs which their chicken just laid in the morning! Wow! We were told that they taste so much better than those we get in Walmart (which are around 6 weeks old eggs). All in all, it was a great experience! Thanks again to JS and Ju for bringing me along! It was very fun! Remember to call me if you are going there again! Maybe.. a 2nd Minnie? Hee.

You know what! I didn’t take any pictures of Minnie! I was too busy snapping other animals, and thought, aiya, Minnie, go JS’s house then take photos of her. Hee. Minnie made a friend there, her name is Cinderella. They were so sad to part when we brought Minnie back. Cinderella cried as we were leaving (not sure if it was an allergy.. ) but Minnie was so emo throughout the car ride. I hope she gets better when she is home! She is definitely going to miss her friends and her carefree life back at the countryside!


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