2012. Los Angeles. Class 302.

I spoke about this classroom-themed cafe earlier here. LY and I went back for more as we drove back to LA from Vegas, before catching our next flight to Sacramento.


合作社 haha. and note the tables and chairs, they look just like a typical classroom scene! in Taiwan perhaps, because Singapore schools use plastic tables and chairs. And I love how they use the school bag to store the utensils and napkins.



亲爱精诚 do you still remember your school motto?
Love the huge chalkboard, which they use it as a menu.

That’s the message which they want to convey to its customers?

If this cafe were to be in Dallas, I’m sure I’d visit it weekly!

After lunch, it was almost time to get to the airport. We dropped by Randy’s to get donuts, we passed by it when we first arrived in LA and I asked LY if he can recall seeing this huge donut anywhere because I find it familiar! He was quite sharp and guessed Ironman right away. I googled and yes, they shot a scene here in Ironman II.


So, how do their donuts taste? Hmm, not bad! I mean, I still love krispy kreme, but this has a home baked/local bakery taste to it.

Anyway, off we went! We took a flight to Sacramento and this welcomes us (:



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