2012. Lake Tahoe. Squaw Village.

The action.


The food.

First meal in Lake Tahoe. Not bad at all, thai food! The tom yum soup wasn’t up to our standard but it was nice to have a bowl of hot soup at the end of a long day of flying and driving.

滑了一整天的雪, 累到可以。To-go from Fasta Pasta,回hotel边吃边看NBA!Fasta Pasta is a one-man show, the owner is so warm and friendly. Their menu is very straightforward, choose a pasta, sauce and some ingredients and he will make it on the spot for you. Prices are very affordable and he gives huge portions!

自带杯面 + 最爱的Starbucks.

Delicious Irish food from MacDuffs. The people there are so warm, maybe because I’m in a small town and everyone here is on holiday and having a good time, service is very genuine and good! I get this feeling almost every time when I travel out to smaller towns and cosier restaurants/diners.

Typical breakfast from American diner, but this time round, it’s tasty american diner food! Here’s the Original Red Hut Cafe. The food is not oily at all, but 100% super filling, very American portion for sure. The waffles are delicious, and I fail to take pictures of it, and the hash brown (more commonly known as Rosti to me) is super crispy and yummy too!

The village.

Our souvenir.

It has been such a long time since I bought any plush because I know their fate – they will be put in a corner of the house, take up space and collect dust, and eventually will be donated or thrown away. BUT! I fell in love with this the moment I saw it, and I pestered LY to buy it for me, just like a 3yo. I name all my soft toys (and many other non living things like my laptop, car and etc) and this is called Squaw!

Hello Squaw! And good bye Squaw Valley! Till we meet again!


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