Living together.

Yesterday, I shopped online and bought this.

I was being the usual me – indecisive, but leaning towards the green one.

Then LY said, “the green looks so obiang.”

TSK. *silent moment.

In my mind, “ok, maybe the black piece is more practical and have higher ROI (able to wear it more often)”.

Do you and your partner usually agree or disagree? I believe opposites attract, but there must be some middle ground in between otherwise how do you even communicate? LY and I do have our differences, he is a typical Type A whilst I’m a 100% Type B. Our minds work very differently and we often come up with very different approaches/solutions towards situations. We do share similar taste in things.. I wonder if that is altered by the course of time (we spent together).

Does your partner understand you more than yourself? LY often surprises me with his understanding of me, taking a couple of steps ahead of me and makes me go, “ahh I didn’t know that I would be like this or like that, but now that you said it, I do agreeeee..”

If there are any differences between dating vs staying together for us, I would say, the increased reliance and tolerance.

I find that both of us rely on each other more – what will he/she think or like or feel etc. It is not longer an entire one-man decision, I think more for him, I think of what he will think of me, we think and make couple decisions. We become more sensitive to each other feelings. It applies to dating couples as well, but it becomes more apparent when you are staying together under the same roof. At the same time, we seek out more for each other’s support and ‘expecting’ more from each other.

After all, we are individuals and have our differences. Staying together requires higher form of tolerance. Not everyday is a Sunday, we do have our good and bad days which we need some understanding from our the other half. All the emotions – happiness, anger, frustrations are all exploded on one person. Staying together make that one person an easy target. It is not as easy as “I’m not picking up your calls or replying your messages tonight”, staying together means you have to face each other somehow.

Life in the States is good, it is like living in our bubble – a world on its own. I thought of the challenges and stress to come when we return to SG and by then, I wonder how hard it will be, to keep up to the above.


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