After being here for so long, it is about time. To have a post on McDonalds.


It’s Friday night. Instead of having a Friday night out with Mr LY or the girls (good old SG times), we skipped fanciful dining, I slacked and not cooked, we had McDonalds instead! It was after a golf session, we were both famished and there was no way we could wait for me to prep and whip up dishes. As we debated what to have for dinner, McDonalds was conveniently in our sight, and I was yearning to try out the new Fish McBites, and blah blah blah. We went in, wanted to only get the McBites but LY saw the double Filet-O-Fish and got tempted, I saw the 20 Chicken McNuggets and got tempted too.. haha.

Well, I thought that the Chicken McBites are much nicer than the Fish McBites. Does SG McDonalds carry these McBites? You can order it with a range of sauces too.. creamy ranch sauce, tangy bbq, chipotle bbq, sweet and sour, spicy buffalo, and my 2 favourites – honey mustard and sweet chilli! Nope, there is no curry sauce, but hey! there’s sweet chilli!! which was discontinued in SG since a long time ago!!

Overall, I enjoyed McDonalds more in the States because as a no beef eater, I get many more chicken choices. Check this out.
Screen Shot 2012-03-11 at 1.22.39 AM
Printscreen fr McDonalds page.

See! I’m spoilt for choice!

Oh and did I mention that the milkshake here is SO much better than SG’s. I’m sorry but SG Mc milkshake is such a disappointment (based on what I had 2 years ago).

Ok, McDonalds I’m sold.

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