Japanese Curry Rice.


Something that can be prepared in 20 minutes (time taken to cook rice).
Below is for 2 servings.
Steps: 1 tbs oil, add a little minced garlic (optional, I use abt 1 tsp) and 1/2 sliced white onions, fry until fragrant and add meat (can be either chicken – 3 boneless thighs or pork slices). Add the japanese curry cubes (3 square cubes), a little water and continue stir-frying. When the meat is coated with the curry paste, stir in enough water to cover a little more than the meat, add the vegs such as potato and carrots, and let the sauce simmer. I usually slice the vegs thinner so it doesn’t take a long time to soften the vegs and the meat won’t be overcooked too. Serve with hot rice. You may choose to add cheese over the rice before pouring the curry gravy on top of it.


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