Guys. always get the orders wrong.

LY and I have been trying to keep our diet healthy, so he said to go on a fish diet. As I don’t really know how to cook fish, plus I don’t get very fresh fish here – in Dallas, I’ve Hmart but the fishes there are a-l-r-i-g-h-t, I’ve steamed fishes, made 鱼头炉 but the fish meat is just not 鲜甜 enough. Tsk. So I ended up doing salmon pretty often. Anyway, after 2 days of salmon, I gave up. I can’t do without meat – chicken or pork! Yesterday after dinner, I was feeling miserable and yearning for some form of meat. Just nice, LY called to say he’s going home. Yippie, I thought, I could get him to buy me McDonalds! I told him I already missed chicken/pork and said oki, get me Chicken McBites!

He came home and said, ” You are not going to be pleased..” I was like, “Nooo, don’t tell me you forgot to ask for honey mustard.. OR.. OMG.. don’t tell me you bought..”
photo (18)

Which part of the conversation did he not get it? Argh, my emphasis was CHICKEN mcbites, his emphasis was MCBITES, so fish is fine too. *Faint. He said that the person told him Chicken is discontinued, now only serving Fish McBites. So I asked him, then why didn’t u get CHICKEN mcnuggets instead? ARGH. GUYS.

My bestie, Chye told me her BF always get her orders wrong too. It’s no biggie, but why guys, why do you always get the orders wrong. I know when I return to SG, I’ll face the same issue when I rotate my choices of noodles – mee kia, mee pok, mee suan and etc.


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