Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Crabstick and Fish Cake in Bulgogi sauce.

Ok, I made this up. Everytime I cook, I have a ‘secret agenda’. Today, it was to make LY eat cucumbers and tomatoes, so I have to sweeten the deal with his favourites – crabsticks and fishcakes.

Below recipe is for 4 generous servings.

The ingredients:
4 korean cucumbers.
2 tomatoes.
10 crabsticks, sliced into halves.
Fish cake abt 5″ x 4″, sliced.
Chilli padi (optional).
Bulgogi sauce.

1. Peel and slice the cucumbers. How do you usually handle the cucumbers? I was told that you have to slice the corners off and use it to grind against the cucumber, in a circular motion. It will file the edges off, creating a foamy white residue. Wash off the residue and you are ready to use the cucumber. It is so that the cucumber will not taste bitter afterwards. I’m bad at describing.

Ok, see below pic? The sliced off piece? Keep the piece in the same position and rub it in a circular motion against the remaining cucumber. Do it for both ends.

I don’t know how true/important this step is as I don’t remember seeing top chefs doing it on the shows, but I’ve always heard about and witnessed people (in SG) doing it. I tried to google but to no avail.

2. Clean and slice up the tomatoes, crabsticks and fishcake.

3. Add a tsp of oil, a tsp of garlic (more if you like the garlic taste), 2 small chilli padi. Once the garlic is slightly brown, throw in the fish cake.

4. Stir fry a little before adding in the sauce. Add about 5 tbs of the bulgogi sauce.

5. Turn on medium to high heat to cook the fish cake. Continue stir frying till the fish cake is tender.

6. Add in the sliced tomatoes.

7. Then the cucumbers.

8. By then you will find that the pan is overflowing with ingredients but not enough sauce! Add about 4 tbs of water (if not, more.) and stir thoroughly to make sure everything is well-mixed.

9. Taste. If it’s not flavourful enough, sprinkle with a pinch of salt or another 2 tbs of bulgogi sauce.

10. Add in the crabsticks only at the very very very last. Crabsticks tend to break up and get really scattered if you were to cook it slightly longer.

That’s it! It’s that easy!

Tips: As some of these ingredients can be eaten raw – cucumbers and tomatoes, the fish cake and crabsticks cook easily too, you have to ensure that you cook ‘fast’ in this dish so that the ingredients don’t get overcooked and turn too mushy. Apart from the fish cake which requires a little more cooking because I took it straight out of the freezer, the rest of the ingredients (step 6 onwards) is merely a toss through with medium-high heat.


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