Weekend Update.

On Friday night, we decided to go on a date and hit the downtown for dinner. I picked a French restaurant (romantic, huh) called Toulouse Café and Bar, a place which I kept wanting to go for breakfast. The dinner was very average, despite the good reviews on yelp. It was disappointing, though their desserts might be the redemption but we were too full to order further. I’m not returning for sure, but for brunch? I’m still hopeful.

Lobster Bisque
With Crème Fraiche

Frog Legs a la Provençal
With Garlic, Capers, Olives, Tomato,
Fresh Herbs & Pernod

Escargots Toulouse
With Garlic Butter

duck Leg Confit & duck Sausage
Served with Green Lentils, Carrots, Petit Frisee Salad, Red
Onion Marmalade & a Whole Grain Mustard Sauce


My shaky hands.
His steady hands.

Maybe he should be the photographer.

The frog legs were the best out of all the rest. The escargots were HUGE disappointed! I only tasted the garlic and nothing but garlic, I think these were the worst escargot dish I’ve ever tasted. Lobster Bisque was a-l-r-i-g-h-t, only a tiny bit tinge of lobster taste and for $9, I’ll pass that soup. Main course duck confit was way too salty. The skin was very crispy, the meat was tender and juicy but why! why is it so salty, sighs, the saltiness totally killed the dish.

Although the food was disappointing, I was happy that we spent Friday night out. It was nice to have such dates once in a while, especially for the past weekdays, we’ve been eating in (homecooked) and weekend was spent golfing and in the boulder gym. I was yearning for some pampering. So, thank you LY! haha, 破费了!

Saturday. It was a day of golf. I’m not complaining because I’m in love with that sport so I gladly went along. Nope, don’t misunderstand, I’m still bad at it! We had yummy burgers at LA Burger, before heading over to Ju’s house to watch some NBA action. Wooh, yes Mavs won that game.

Sunday. Tim sum at Kirin Court, our usual place for tim sum. Another family joined us, they are very warm and nice.. I’m really thankful for meeting nice people here, making friends, hanging out, etc in the past year, they make the differences in my life in Dallas, especially with @Ju a close friend around in such faraway place from home. Sometimes, I wonder about it and think that I’m actually so blessed.


For the past 2 Sundays, we spent the afternoons in Dallas Rocks, an indoor rock climbing gym. LY has always been a fan of climbing, as for me? I’m trying to like it. There aren’t many things to do on weekends, so I don’t mind exercising or doing any form of sports with him. The bouldering area is huge! 爬不完的石头咯

Pics taken in prev Sundays.

I was still recovering from Sat’s golf, body aches all over like a 80 yo granny, of course I passed on Sunday climbing this week. Instead, we went shopping. Zara has the most beautiful collection right now, I feel like buying everything! Glad that LY hasn’t complained of my shopping habits *phew. He picked out a dress for me and afterwards it was his turn to shop. We headed to REI, an outdoor shop that sells everything from clothing to gears and etc.

That pretty much summed up my weekend! What’s yours like? I’ll be posting up some What’s Cooking soon, and backdating on Project Remembering Dallas, so stay tuned!


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