For LY who’s sick.


2 thoughts on “Porridge.

    1. Hmm, I used japanese rice, not on purpose but I only have jap rice at home. Maybe that’s why it’s more glue-y.

      I usually cook the rice as per normal in rice cooker first. Separately I’ll prepare the stock in advance – I usually use ikan bilis. Once the rice is cooked (abt 20 minutes with the rice cooker), I’ll combine the cooked rice and the stock in another pot, boil and make into porridge. That helps to save time! Within 15 minutes, it should be porridge already.

      To make it ‘thicker’, I find that you have to keep stirring and once the porridge thickens or glues up, add more stock (preferably) / water and continue stirring. Repeat these steps about 3 to 4 times and your porridge should be of this texture!

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