Black Pepper Spag by Chef LY.

The alarm rang, and in my half-asleep mode, I told LY, “Today it’s my day off. Can I not cook? Please to-go lunch on your way to work.”

An hour later, he woke me up again. I smelled the aroma in the air, thought maybe I was dreaming.. but hang on, wait. I bolted up and stared at him, “You mean, you cooked?” in an unbelievable tone.

Yes, he did. He made himself thin spag and penne, with broccoli, minced chicken and mushrooms (ingredients he found in the fridge) in black pepper sauce (it’s a all in one sauce by Lee Kum Kee).

WOW. A round of applause.

And he saved a huge bowl for me.


The next qns I asked after I said “You cooked??” is “OMG, did you leave traces of your cooking steps behind?” I was half expecting to see a tornado-struck kitchen, with spag on the stove, sauce on the floor, pots and pans everywhere.. afterall he is notorious for leaving footsteps behind everything he does in the house. He leaves the cereal box open, milk-stain circles on the table, and the finished bowl in the sink. 很像怕我不知道他吃了什么做了什么这样。 tsk. On days when he goes to work early, I wake up later than him, but I can easily trace what he has done that morning. He claims, “so that you can sense my presence even when I’m out at work.” Argh! 不懂该哭还是笑!

The miracle is: He cleaned up the kitchen this morning.

Hmm 有进步!


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