I love getting haircuts. And I like to look different after every haircut. I get sick of my hair style easily. Probably this is why I can never grow my hair really long. Once my hair reaches past shoulders/able to tie into a decent pony tail, that’s my cap. I’ll have very strong urge to cut it short.

For now, my objective is to keep my hair long, as long as possible. (in terms of duration and length) I always wanted to be a bride with long hair, don’t ask me why. Hence, I’m trying to keep it long now, because I don’t know when I’m going to take pre-wedding shoot or hold my banquet.

And so, I cut bangs and layered the rest of my hair.

I tied my hair up because I didn’t like the the blown-in curls the stylist did for me. I went to a korean salon, and the lady who did my hair, was snipping my hair away like damn shiok with a lot of layerings. She still asked if I have ever tried perming hair. Wow I tell you, I was so scared that she’d turn my hair into those ahjuma’s. Phew.


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