Miki, the mini cooper.

Aww, I’m going to sell my car soon. I think I’ll miss her a lot. Won’t have the luxury of driving a mini cooper in SG, so I shall cherish the remaining days here with the car.

So! We took her out today. Had a wash, and went nearby the neighbourhood to take some pictures. Glad that most of the photos turned out pretty nice, shall not reveal them here (yet) because (I think) I want to use them as part of my pre-wedding photos.

It was definitely tough, being both photographer and subject at the same time, having to use timer mode and run into position within 10 sec, or using the remote control but yet when the photo is snapped, have to make sure the remote is well-hidden. Doesn’t help that the weather is of a freaking 31d today. Gosh, it was so hot. Now I know the pains of outdoor shoot.



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