Date night out. Tuesday!

LY came home early because of the tornado today. Thankfully, we were safe.

After the storm, it was still early and we wondered what to do. No golf cos of the wet weather. Tennis? Hmm, we just played yesterday and I had enough of picking balls. We decided to do a little shopping and then, I suggested dinner out. Yay! It’s Tuesday! Wooh, I like dinner dates out on weekdays, it’s always spontaneous and unexpected. (:

I suggested Seafood Shack, a place recommended by S. And they have special oyster promotion on Tues, 30c/half shell! Wooh, we love raw oysters.

We didn’t go with high hopes, afterall, we are in Texas, where seafood is usually frozen. The best seafood I had was when I did the roadtrip with LY to the East (Dallas all the way to Key West). Back in those Alabama days, we often had seafood too! I wanted to bring up my birthday celeb with LY at Hunt’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant, Dothan, Alabama last year, where I had yummy oysters but realised I didn’t blog. The importance of blogging. The best oysters have to be the ones from Acme, New Orleans.

SO! is the food any good?


The seafood gumbo was not bad, not blow your mind kinda gumbo, but it’s pretty pleasant tasting soup, but it’s not gumbo. Maybe different states have their versions of gumbo, just like chili soups. Fish and chips were not bad too, after my bad experience at Cheesecake Factory (don’t get me wrong, their cheesecakes are fantastic but never ever order their fish and chips), these fillets were crispy and they didn’t taste fishy. It will be better if their fillets are thicker. Oysters were a disappointment. Cheap, but it tastes just like 30c. I mean, I have had much nicer ones which weren’t expensive. I’ve to forgive them because c’mon it’s Texas, where can we get fresh seafood from??!

LY and I stayed there for quite a while, eating very slowly as we chatted along. We spoke of how life is over here, versus what it will be when we get back to SG and etc. Both of us love cosy small eateries, it wasn’t very crowded when we were there, about 8pm. Some locals were watching soccer on the TV, a rare sighting here (watching soccer), spanish music playing in the background, the people working were smiley, a very casual and relaxed setting. (:

Happy Tuesday. (:


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