Assam Prawns.

Haven’t been quite up to date with my what’scooking. Here you go: Assam Prawns. Cooked some time back.


1. Ingredients: Tomato (x1), Minced garlic, Diced onions
2. Ingredients: Assam Fish Paste (bought here), 1lb of jumbo prawns (cleaned)
3. Fry garlic in olive oil.
4. Add the onions.
5. When the garlic and onions browned slightly, add the prawns.
6. Stir fry for a few minutes, then add the paste. I add 3 generous spoonfuls of paste.
7. Fry and spread the paste evenly on the prawns.
8. Add water, enough to cover the prawns and throw in the sliced tomatoes.
9. Cover and simmer till liquid evaporates/absorbs by prawns. Sauce will thicken, and the dish is ready.

Notes: I saved the prawn heads to make prawn mee, hence you see no heads in the dish. If you like, you can fry the heads at Step 4, together with the garlic and onions. I believe that I added a pinch of sugar in the midst too, at Step 7 but didn’t capture on the camera. Also, you can easily adapt this dish for sotong (squid) too! Exact same steps, simply replace the prawns with sotong. I’m going to attempt assam vegs too! Stay tuned.

This pre-mix assam paste is so handy and it tastes so yummy! Makes cooking a lot faster and easier!


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