Santana Walk. And endless desserts.

Cousin M asked me what do I want to do/eat in SFO this time round. I thought for a bit and answered, desserts, pantries, ramen and seafood. She’s ever so sweet, and today she asked K to drive me to San Jose for cakes. K and I spent the later afternoon in Santana Row, I took some pictures, we sat and had cakes and coffee, and of course we bought back more cakes for the family.

I’m such a happy girl now with all the yummy cakes in my tummy and heehee knowing that there are more in the fridge.

Santana Row.

Kara’s cupcakes. According to K, it’s the best in the bay area. Haha, let’s see if it can beat Sprinkles in Dallas!

Cocola Bakery. There was a queue, I didn’t have space to angle my camera and take a full-length picture of the cakes.

I meant to focus on the Napoleon cake, but I was so eager to dive into eating, I was lazy to change to the macro lens + check the photo properly. Argh.

I took more pictures using instagram:

Follow me there if you haven’t! (: I don’t know how to link to my instagram.. oops. I believe instagram doesn’t have a page? Anyway, find me through username jojojoana or through my twitter.

It’s truly a dessert day, from orh-b-bei 黑糯米粥 to cakes to cupcakes, I didn’t even have space for the cupcakes. They are going to be tomorrow’s breakfast.


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