Tiring day 3.

Hit the downtown today. Just me + dslr. It felt different (in a nice way) to explore the city on my own. I can stop whenever I like, walk aimlessly, see random things, shop, eat and rest my legs anyhow I like it. SFO is a beautiful city, I can’t emphasize it enough. Despite my 3rd time here, there are still a lot of things for me to take in. I grinned to myself the moment I saw the city, on the escalators from the Bart (their rail) underground to the open streets.

I bumped into NBA players (SPURS!), viewed a museum, ate lunch alone, shopped, walked a lot, bought egg tarts, visited daiso, jealous that Dallas doesn’t have one, iphone batt went dead, a little stranded w/o phone, used a public phone (so glad they are not obsolete yet. I believe SG no longer has any pay phones!), it was 50c a call, pretty expensive huh, went home, had awesome dinner plus yday cakes, ahhh life is good.

I’m so sleepy now, yawning as I type out this post. Don’t think I can keep my eyes open to process the photos. YAWNS again. Alrighty gd night world!


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