Back in Dallas.

Bethany: Boba Tea House

Since we were in the Arlington area, we decided to chk this Taiwanese cafe out, intro’ed by AM some time back! Food is pretty decent, really cheap, the set meal comes with a milk tea still! Mangas and mags are a bonus! LY had the slam dunk in front of him all the while he was eating! Tsk.

The Grape Restaurant
This place is named “Best Brunch” by Dallas Observer and one of the “Top 8 Brunch Places” by the Dallas Morning News, Texas monthly’s best burger in Texas, Aug 2009.

With these credentials, of course I was having high expectations for this place. Well, it didn’t disappoint. LY enjoyed the cheeseburger – which is what everyone raves about on yelp, while I had the haystack – doesn’t seem like a popular option. Halfway through the meal then I realised, ahh the haystack is a vegetarian option, there isn’t any meat in it! Aiya, not wonder I felt like something was missing. Haha, I’m totally so not a vegetarian.

Sorry for the blurness of photos.


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