Do you make ‘lists’?

I remembered watching a movie.. let me think.. it should be ‘I don’t know how she does it’, where SJP always keep lists of things to do/buy and etc.

Do you make lists? I’m not exactly the most organised person in the world, but I do make lists. My mum on the contrary is a neat freak and the most organised woman I’ve known but yet she has no list. Hmm.

I usually start my day with TeuxDeux, it’s my homepage on my chrome browser. I’ll list down the things I plan to do in that day and also for the week ahead. I dl the iPhone app too, so it’s synced and I can refer to it when I run my errands outside. Initially I’m torn between using it vs scribbling it down (I like the idea of scribbling numbers/notes down) but I ALWAYS lose the paper. So I gave up. This app is more convenient for someone like me – who faces more than 50% of her time in front of comp and iPhone. I do keep a notebook and pen in my bag wherever I go but that come out less often these days.

With all the mess in the house as LY and I pack to move out, the list becomes more indispensable. There are so many things to pack, buy, throw, give away and etc. Packing calls for a lot of smaller boxes/containers, labeling, markers and tapes too. As mentioned, I’m not a super organised person but if I NEED to pack, I’ll make sure it’s done PROPERLY – everything packed and labeled nicely.

Having said that, I better get to packing and my scrapbooking now. I don’t have much time left.


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