hello from .. alaska, vancouver n seattle.

yup! ive been around up in the north recently and have fallen in love with those magnificent snow-capped mountains, blue oceans and beautiful greenery. we took more photos than we can imagine and i couldn’t wait to share them.

this trip certainly made a lot of ‘firsts’ for me – flying in a small plane, glacier landing, out in the sea for the longest time, being physically furtherest away from SG, away from 3G for the longest time, not checking in twitter, fb, instagram for the longest period of time, eating the most amount of food my body needs in a day …

we certainly put on A LOT, man, someone should have warned me about cruise and overeating. there are practically nothing much to do on the cruise apart from eating. we went for ala carte dining style as opposed to buffet line style. meals were typically 3-course, appetisers, main course and dessert. So, we were quite modest initially – having 2 appetisers, 1 main course and 1 dessert, moving on to having 3 desserts/pax to ultimately having 3 main courses/pax! so crazy! though the cruise ship is huge, no amount of walking up and down can burn those calories!!

ive a gown fitting on the 2nd day im back from this trip, now lets just hope i dun split the dress. :O


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