been up and around SG for the past weeks. didn’t take any photos in particular. iphone 3 camera is so lousy i feel demoralised even b4 i attempt a shot. iphone 5 when r u coming out. i can’t wait. chked out katong i12. i thought it was 112 and con corrected me. yah, the … More aroundinsg


the same stairs.. which ive to climb with all my groceries, esp gallons of water we buy each week i fell down twice up and down countless times in a day when we were moving out. no i won’t miss you staircase. but i’ll miss the small cosy lil apartment up there which we called … More 家。

1st 3 day round up.

I’m still jet-lagged in a weird way. I sleep through the night but I wake up right at the stroke of 6am. Boy, I wished this sleeping pattern continues through. Other than that, I’m adapting well back into my home country. My pace of walking is still as fast. My toleration for heat isn’t lost. … More 1st 3 day round up.


I’m finally home. I miss USA as much as I miss SG when I was there. That’s always the case, isn’t it. Apart from SG (where Im raised n bred), USA is where I spent most time in. And LY calls it his 2nd home. Everywhere has its pros and cons. Happy or not, one … More Home.