I’m finally home.

I miss USA as much as I miss SG when I was there. That’s always the case, isn’t it. Apart from SG (where Im raised n bred), USA is where I spent most time in. And LY calls it his 2nd home.

Everywhere has its pros and cons. Happy or not, one still has to get through it so why not just make the best out of it. I try to make a mental note of that, and not complain and compare.

Yes, I’ll try to contain my unhappiness for the weather. But for now, last ranting I hope. I used to think it’s too dry in the States, but right now, I wished SG isn’t so humid. I can practically smell the moisture in the air the minute I touched down. Although dryness can be irritating, but if I were to choose the lesser of the evils, well, give me dryness so I don’t sweat and feel sticky.

On a brighter note, I’m really happy to see my family. My sheets and curtains have been cleaned, the floor is as usual – spotless, my mummy helped me to unpack my luggages, her hands are faster than my brain can process what’s what, the comfort of knowing nothing has been changed, etc.. I feel so loved.

I’m gonna see my besties today. YAY, qi and chye! I missed you both. I dreamt of 4 of us together several times when I was in the States, there showed how much I miss all of us together. I can’t wait for dinner tonight.

Signing off, a jet-lagged Joanna.

PS: gonna send that resume out today.





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