been up and around SG for the past weeks. didn’t take any photos in particular. iphone 3 camera is so lousy i feel demoralised even b4 i attempt a shot. iphone 5 when r u coming out. i can’t wait.

chked out katong i12. i thought it was 112 and con corrected me. yah, the mall isn’t huge but it is something new for me at least. it was near to closing time when i was there so most shops were actually closed. it’s a pretty atas mall focusing quite a bit on baby/children merchandise probably to cater to the rich katong crowd. glad to know that there’s a cinema. i’m sure the katong ppl have been long deprived of a cinema. i’m pretty excited to go back n try a jap+italy fusion restaurant, Goemon? heard fr con that it’s good. there’s this coffee place which looks like starbucks but it isn’t, well i dun mind giving it a try too. i’m sure LY doesn’t mind gg back because he still has unfinished credits to use at timezone arcade. such a boy.

last saturday LY and I were in the west. one of those rare days. of course i seized the chance and visited qi’s place. it’s so beautifully renovated. even b4 the entire place is done up with carpentry and furnitures, i can practically visualise it to be gorgeous. gd job qi n joey! i’m so happy that u r happy! oh, and chye, all 3 of us have the similar floor plan. only till i visited qi’s hse then i realised my future hse layout is exactly like hers!

after visiting qi’s place, we headed to LY’s nanny’s place for dinner. their side of family gathers every saturday, it’s so nice to see everyone and eat good homecooked hainanese food. they always treated us like family, how warm. after dinner, i suggested visiting jcube! (because i know franc franc has an outlet there). i enjoyed gg to franc franc when i was in japan during my school exchange program. i absolutely fell in love with that shop. everything is so so so chio. and expensive btw, for a poor foreign student in japan. now that it’s in SG, ha ha ha, i’m gonna start shortlisting items down for my future house. hey that green shag rug, you are on my list! we walked around the mall but grew bored quickly.

up next, is Nex. wooh. the nearest ‘hap’ mall to where LY stays. the ntuc extra is huge, with self-checkout machines. believe it or not, for all the malls i went to in the past weeks, i went into each of their supermarkets. i think i could have gradually fell in love with grocery-shopping. haha. i did a routine check down the aisle to see if any of the supermarkets stock up on my US or Japan favourites. so far, i still couldn’t find nestle coffee creamer in liquid form, not powder. i love the small ones, like those given out in Mos Burger when you order their milk tea. if anyone knows where to find them, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! otherwise, i do not mind those full size bottled ones. i usually find them in the refrigerated section together with the milk in the US. i couldn’t find them here either. however, i’m happy to find my fav japanese 午后 red tea, lemon tea and milk tea in the supermarkets now. and my karamucho chips. and many other more snacks. a shoutout to ju, they do not have the ‘shout’ brand of ‘color catcher’ but they have this another brand called Dylon colour catcher. i brought a few leftover sheets back to SG and got my mum to try it. haha she loves it! and i went to get the Dylon brand. will try and see if it’s as good! haha.

wooh. quite a long post today huh. alright i’m gg to bed soon. no calls for interviews today. well, better luck tomorrow then! gd night.


2 thoughts on “aroundinsg

    1. haha yah. it says the proof is on the paper! haha. the paper will be stained with whatever colors that run in ur laundry. not resuable. hmm i havent tried the dylon brand one, will let u know if it’s as gd!

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