quarterly chk

haven’t posted in a long while. and now, into March, it’s 2013. 

so how am I doing in 2013? well. resolution setting is a good way to keep myself on trac and makes sure I achieve something. so! all good with weekly japanese language, tennis and golf range practice! keep it up, jo.

having 2 relax saturdays at home with LY being away, good way to catch up with myself and do some reflections. though I’m glad he’s returning home soon! along with my luggage of purchases. slightly obsessed with shoes and nail polishes recently. 

haven’t taken personal leave since I started work, so I’m pretty excited about the holiday plans although nothing has been confirmed. money would be the biggest issue. with the upcoming house renov and wedding (oh yes, still planning for a wedding banquet), I’ve to remind myself again and again to save and not spend unnecessarily.

also been planning for a new project with V and F, very exciting stuff coming up. hopefully the next post, I am able to share more about it. 

that’s it for now. ending with happy thoughts: dreaming of LY’s return, had a good catchup with the girls last night and time spent at home.



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