Day 2 with Aston.

Baby. The adults. And me. Finally got a few shots with baby. (: Didn’t have much opportunity to take pictures of Aston today, as he was sleeping most part of the time (good thing I guess). He was too excited yday and didn’t sleep much in the day! Babies are supposed to sleep like.. 20 … More Day 2 with Aston.

KL trip.

Group Pic. The arrival. Golden Palm Tree, Sepang, Malaysia where the resort is shaped like a palm tree indeed. Here are just some snap shots of the place. Awesome view of sunrises and sunsets. And people. My first time shooting a bottom up angle. Not too bad huh, looking good there LY! but don’t try … More KL trip.

Project Remembering Dallas: Made with love ring pillows

Photo credits: Mummy Thank you my ever-sweet Mummy, handmade this for my beloved Qi’s rom. See 3 in the picture? She claimed that 2 were not ‘well-made’. Qi, you can take your pick! There’s cream and blue one! Leftover 2 – jiayou wor Constance and Chyeling. I told my mum to reserve for you girls. … More Project Remembering Dallas: Made with love ring pillows

SF. Day3

Kenneth joined us on the 3rd day as it was a federal holiday! It feels weird to be passengers. LY is usually the one at the wheels whenever we travel around in the states. It definitely feels good to be sitting behind, relaxing and watching the scenery go past. But for LY, I think he’s not … More SF. Day3